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You said it! We choose the top 10 quotes of September

Sep 30, 2014

Better one of these quotes in the comments box below, or tell us what you think, and you stand to win an EyeforTravel silver pass to a conference in the city of your choice

The guest’s worth: the No.5 element of a super successful hotel marketing campaign

Sep 29, 2014

In the end it’s the customer that matters most, writes Phil Butler in the last of a five-part series

Utrip to help travellers do Dallas differently

Sep 26, 2014

Two years after launching a consumer-facing trip planning tool, Utrip has set its sights on destinations. Pamela Whitby catches up with the founder

Smart Travel Analytics 2015: the Big Data event to answer your big questions

Sep 25, 2014

EyeforTravel's popular data & analytics conference is back for a third year

Test and see: how mobile at a global hotel powerhouse is boosting the bottom line

Sep 25, 2014

If you’re not getting mobile right you could be missing a trick with the competition. Pamela Whitby reports

Keynote; Panel discussion, with Edmond Mesrobian, Neena Graham, John Turato, and Jerome Hiquet

Sep 24, 2014

In this panel, industry experts discuss how to put data and analytics at the heart of your organization in order to drive sales.

Crisis management in the new digital world - MH370 & MH17

Sep 24, 2014

Dean Dacko, Senior VP marketing & products for Malaysia Airlines shares his unique perspective on the unprecedented events of flight MH370 and MH17.

Be found, be relevant and be bookable

Sep 24, 2014

Kristin Intress, CEO of WorldHotels shares her vision for creating a brand story .

Panel discussion, with Taylor Cole, David West, and Jeff Flores

Sep 24, 2014

In this discussion, the panelists tell delegates about the DOs and DON'Ts of social media.

Panel discussion, with Kei Shibata, Erin Lyda, and Dean Dacko

Sep 24, 2014

In this discussion, the panelists analyze the role of social media in the brand experience.