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3 simple ways to ensure that your travel business is visible online

Jul 1, 2015

Many consumers today rely on travel websites to research their holidays so it is really important to be seen. Andrew Hennigan reports

Top 5: the most popular stories you may have missed in June

Jun 30, 2015

In the hottest week of the year in the UK to date, we share some of the stories that raised temperatures in the month of June

In search of the ideal: the case against results in airline pricing

Jun 29, 2015

Being results orientated is something many airline pricing professionals strive for, and this is positive, but it’s not always the ideal approach. Tom Bacon has some warnings

Transavia takes flight with payments

Jun 26, 2015

Locally relevant, omnichannel and targeting fraud is one European airline’s approach to payments

Hotels, the wholesaler hell and the fight back

Jun 25, 2015

Across the board, hoteliers are holding hands up in despair at wholesaler behaviour but big and small players alike are ringing the bell for change. Pamela Whitby reports

Tips and recommendations to help airlines forecast the unforecastable

Jun 24, 2015

Forecasting is a tricky business for any company but Tom Bacon, EyeforTravel regular guest columnist, is here with some useful advice

6 tips for managing social media on a budget

Jun 23, 2015

Small businesses may not have the social clout of larger companies but all is not lost, writes Andrew Hennigan

Preying on HomeAway: the line up of potential acquirers is growing

Jun 22, 2015

With travellers increasingly looking at rented accommodation as an alternative to hotels, all eyes are on what HomeAway does next. Sally White reports

Nowhere to hide: calls for reviews and sponsored blogs to be more transparent

Jun 19, 2015

Many travel companies may already have the proper procedures in place but a new Competition & Markets Authority report has implications for both consumers and travel industry players

Building Customer Loyalty through Behavioral Marketing

Jun 18, 2015

This whitepaper looks at building customer loyalty through behavioral marketing. Specifically, how you can use technology to understand the profile of your users and how Teletext Holidays, Corinthia hotels and Thai Airways have successfully used behavioral marketing to increase their repeat bookings and loyalty.