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Hotel pricing mechanisms need a direct approach

Apr 27, 2015

With price parity in frame yet again last week, Pamela Whitby hears that this could pivotal time for hotels to claw back customers

Helloworld: are we in for auspicious times Down Under?

Apr 24, 2015

Sally White takes a look at the turnaround of a major integrated travel group in Australia

3 ways to expand your online travel niche in APAC

Apr 23, 2015

When you’ve captured your initial niche, tap new markets but do your research and know your customer, says David Chambat, chief executive of

What sets a new start up apart from the rest?

Apr 22, 2015

Spacebase, a new online booking platform that’s giving a fresh lick of paint to the rather stale meetings and events industry, could be on to something

The Inside Track: April 2015

Apr 21, 2015

Welcome to our second monthly roundup of the travel industry. As a valued subscriber we want you to find our most crucial insights straight away, and to use them to remain abreast of developments in one of world’s fastest changing industries. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Opportunities, tips and lessons in RM success from a Spanish hotel brand

Apr 21, 2015

With revenue management and distribution becoming increasingly interdependent, we hear where NH Hotels is focusing its energy today

Watch app: convenient, popular and easy to build

Apr 20, 2015

With the Apple Watch going on sale this week, Andrew Hennigan speaks to some of the early adopters – British Airways, Hotwire and HotelQuickly

Upmarket start up taps into Game of Thrones social buzz

Apr 17, 2015

No you don’t have to be Prince William, Sienna Miller or Pippa Middleton to stay in a posh palace…

Expedia and the brand spree

Apr 16, 2015

Shopaholic behaviour by one of the world’s biggest online travel agents is an indication that global domination is the endgame. Sally White reports

The Future of Metasearch

Apr 16, 2015

Strategize for the Metasearch Age