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You Said It: the first quotable quotes of the year

Jan 30, 2015

January is almost up and we’ve already done some great interviews. Here are some of the best quotes of the month, many of which have an Asian flavour

Why sharpening your SoLoMo strategy could help you cross the great firewall of China

Jan 29, 2015

Growth in China may be slowing but that’s no reason to take your eye off the ball, writes Pamela Whitby

If at first you fail in online travel, get up and start again

Jan 28, 2015

It is possible to be profitable from day one, but the truth is very few start ups succeed the first time around, writes Pamela Whitby

Forget oil - for now at least - and watch the currencies

Jan 27, 2015

Yes, the price of raw materials and currency fluctuations impact the travel industry but just how much?

The million-dollar question: which digital marketing trends to focus on in 2015?

Jan 26, 2015

Many new developments in social media and digital marketing will never take off but here are five that may just impact travel businesses in 2015. Andrew Hennigan reports

Lost in interpretation? Consider these jargon busting tips for revenue management

Jan 23, 2015

The travel industry loves a bit of jargon but even department specific lingo can impact communication between departments. Tom Bacon is here to help

If you're going to do data, don’t do it reluctantly

Jan 22, 2015

2015 will be year to break down silos and get data and analytics working across your enterprise to improve the customer experience and drive loyalty

Hooray! A small but nimble UK chain plays the OTAs at their own game

Jan 21, 2015

With conversions on their direct channel up 98%, could others learn from UK-based Shire Hotels’ new price comparison tool? Pamela Whitby hears more from the group’s e-commerce manager

5 new emerging trends: how mobile and data is changing the travel industry

Jan 21, 2015

We identified 5 new trends emerging in reaction to the increasing use of data and mobile by the airline, hotel, OTA and travel industry

How Heathrow airport is tackling modern challenges with mobile in 2015

Jan 20, 2015

Pamela Whitby hears that new customer enhancing technologies, which also deliver business benefits, are a priority for the world’s third biggest airport but not at the expense of the human touch