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Webinar: Master the Personalized Future of Travel

The event in finished on Jul 30, 2019.

EyeforTravel’s Digital Strategy Summit

The event in London finished on May 22, 2019.

Analytics and AI in Travel North America

The event in finished on Mar 15, 2019.

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How does Highgate Hotels use analytics to drive growth

Kurien Jacob, CRO, Highgate Hotels looks at how the impact of analytics on business

Analytics in action in the travel supply chain

Sameer Mehra, Chief Revenue Officer, Hersha Hospitality talks about ways analytics are currently used in travel

Using fact not feeling to improve your distribution strategy

Josh Henegar, Corporate Revenue Director, 1859 Historic Hotels, Ltd talks about relying on successful facts, not the...

Analytics to get the best return on your marketing spend

Justin Goodman, Senior Digital Analyst, Internet Marketing Inc. talks analysing data for best results

How to sell travel in a big data world

Hong Tsui, Vice President of Finance and Analytics, Switchfly, Inc. looks at bringing scientific data best practices to...

Big data, big analytics and the art of selling travel

Catalin Ciobanu, Director of Innovation - Big Data Analytics, Carlson Wagonlit Travel looks at how to access data in...

Bring scientific data best practices to your travel business

William Beckler, CEO, Alltherooms.com looks at the role of data in starting a successful travel company

How are the industry leaders in revenue management using analytics

Jeremie Catez, Director of Revenue and E-commerce - Novotel New York Times Square - Accor looks at how analytics is...

Multi channel analytics: source, gather and analyze the right data to sell more travel products

Patrick Bosworth, Co-Founder and CEO, Duetto Research Inc. talks about revenue analytics and how this can increase your...

Access data in real time and use predictive and prescriptive analytics for advanced business planning

Roman Stanek, CEO and Founder, GoodData and how to plan fopr growth

Know your customers and keep them

Rebecca Fraiz, Consultant, Advanced & Consumer Analytics, Strategic & Portfolio Marketing, IHG talk about the...

Analytics for customer retention

Toma Bedolla, CEO, TravelShark talks about ways to hold on to your customers

Solicit and monitor sentiment through social media

Sine Scott, Director Internet Marketing, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts identifies ways that analytics can help you...

Marketing analytics in IHG

David Schmitt, Director - Performance Strategy & Planning, IHG talks efficiency and effectiveness with analytics

How Travelocity uses analytics to get the best return on your marketing spend

Jonathan Isernhagen, Director, Marketing Analysis, Travelocity talks data analytics and impact on marketing spending

How the head of analytics in Expedia imprioves his organisation

Ameya Karvir, Director, Analytics, Expedia talks about Expedia's way of developing through use of data

Can data analysis improve your organisation’s functions

Brian Nowak, Internet Equity Research Analyst, SIG looks at how data analytics is having ever greater impact on travel...

How to analyze all the data at your disposal to improve your organisation’s functions

Benjamin J. van-Rooy, Director - Global Business Consulting, American Express gives a Global Business Travel Forecast...

How United Airlines uses analytics to drive growth

Lavanya Sareen, Director Corporate Strategy and Business Development, United Airlines identifies ways of incorporating...

How does Avis use analytics to drive growth

Brian Dicker, Vice President - Revenue Analysis & Decision Technology, Avis looks at how anayltics benefits business