FlightStats builds a flight tracker application for Facebook

Published: 03 Dec 2007

The users will be able to track and share the status of their flights, receive flight status alerts, and get current airport and weather conditions right from their FaceBook profile page using a new application from FlightStats.

The application, called Flight Tracker by FlightStats, delivers a rich flight status and flight tracking experience, airport weather and delays, flight ratings, airport ratings and flight status alerts using FlightStats global, real-time data within the FaceBook environment. Installing the Flight Tracker on a FaceBook profile page provides free access to detailed global flight status information, accurate arrival and departure data, world-wide airport arrivals and departures, map-based, real time flight tracking of commercial flights in US airspace and more.

"We worked hard to build a flight tracker that supports FaceBook users' imperative to share with friends. And we feel as if we're just beginning to tap into the potential for combining travel technology and social networking," said Jeff Kennedy, CEO, Conducive Technology.

The interactive Flight Tracker application refreshes automatically as the flight progresses showing the flight's progress over a Google map. Companion screens show weather information in both the arrival and departure cities and alert users to any airport delays that might affect the monitored flight. Flight information displayed below the map includes the on-time arrival performance rating for the monitored flight, its scheduled and actual departure time, and its estimated arrival time.

Flight Tracker for FaceBook lets a user set up any number of flight status alerts for specific flight arrivals and departures, each with its own notification options. For any given flight alert, a user can select to have messages:

· Be sent as a Facebook Notification to their own account

· Posted to their mini-feed along with a flight description for sharing with friends

· Emailed to any specified address

· Sent as a text message to a mobile device

Alert messages are sent for:

- Status confirmation up to three hours prior to departure
- Notification if the flight is delayed by more than 30 minutes
- Notification if the flight is canceled or diverted
- Arrival notification when the flight lands

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