WhereIveBeen.com introduces exclusive Bebo.com travel application

Published: 13 Dec 2007

WhereIvebeen.com is launching a version of its popular interactive map as part of Bebo.com's first open application introduction and as their first interactive travel tool, giving Bebo users access to new features; WIB at Bebo: www.bebo.com/whereivebeen/

Users simply click on their interactive map at bebo.com or at www.whereivebeen.com , to highlight and show where they've been, where they'd like to go, and where they've lived. WIB is unveiling exclusive features on Bebo.com for the next 30 days:

• "Togetherness Travel" – Lets users scroll over their friends' profile pictures and view the cost of a flight, the currency exchange rate, and even the weather in their friends' destination.

• "WIB: Cities" – Users can now show cities, in addition to countries they've lived in or traveled to and create their own profiles and view information about friends' locations.

• "Band Tracker" – Allows music fans to track a favorite band on tour around the world.

"Where I've Been allows Bebo users to interact with other members in their network," said Michael Birch, CEO and co-founder of Bebo. "The team at Where I've Been has built great application that's fun and easy to use."

"We are proud to be a key travel application on Bebo, and to introduce helpful and fun features that will attract new users and excite existing ones," said Craig Ulliott, founder of Where I've Been.

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