EyeforTravel Europe 2018

June 2018, London

Cruising into a digital future

Check out this free video to hear how the cruise industry has been one of the last travel verticals to go digital and how Stena Line is bucking that trend

Stena Line, one of the largest cruise operators in Europe, has big ambitions for a travel vertical that has taken its time shifting into digital gear.

Speaking at EyeforTravel’s recent Amsterdam show, Amer Mohammed, Head of Digital Innovation, Stena Line, explained the firm's goal to be the world’s first cognitive ferry operator that is fully assisted by artificial intelligence by 2021.

Mohammed says he got his current job at Stena by believing in the digital dream. Now 70% into a project that involved moving all the company’s data to the cloud, in Amsterdam Stena’s digital champion shared some of the lessons learned and insights gleaned along the way, not least how to tackle data protection regulation and how to be successful with chatbots.

Check out his presentation Beyond the Hype - Measure your Chat Mechanism’s Success! - Stena Line

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