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We don’t know which travel app will take home the top prize yet, but on March 23rd in San Francisco all will be revealed

Neither TripCase by Sabre or TripIt by Concur, the apps in line to win the Best Mobile in Travel App award, can really be classified as start-ups.

“Although TripCase is no longer a start-up, the team keeps an eye out for technology leaders of all sizes to partner with,” says Natasha Sanchez, TripCase’s PR and campaign manager.

A proof of concept out of Sabre Labs, TripCase, which today manages 30 million trips a year, continues to work in the same environment with a strong focus on user experience. Each month there is a new release with new features that are driven by the feedback from travellers and industry partners.

Since becoming part of Concur in 2011, TripIt’s user base has more than doubled to over 11 million users and by continuing to innovate, it has maintained a 4+ star rating in the app stores. 

Says Susan Berg Vice President of the Traveler Business Group at Concur. “Challenging itself to think about how the way the world should work is part of Concur's DNA.”

As EyeforTravel’s Smart Analytics 2015 report finds that great user experience drives loyalty and this has clearly benefited both TripIt and TripCase.

Over 15,000 industry members voted in the four categories of this year’s EyeforTravel Mobile in Innovation Awards. Those four categories are: best mobile in travel app, best mobile solution, best mobile strategy and best mobile user experience. 

Investors often complain that firms are unable to sum up their value proposition in less than three minutes but that was the case for the two finalists in line for the ‘Best Mobile in Travel App’ award.

EFT: So in under three minutes, what is your unique selling point (USP)?

SB: TripIt is the world’s highest-rated travel-organising app. It helps more than 11 million travellers stay organised and in the know, while on the go. TripIt ‘automagically’ organises travel plans in one place and makes them accessible anytime, on any device. 

TripIt – ‘organised and in the know while on the go’

EFT: So you think TripIt deserves to win?

SB: Yes, TripIt gives you travel peace of mind—turning chaos into calm. With various apps on the market that tackle specific travel needs, TripIt goes beyond the norm to address a host of travel-related pain points. From organising your travel plans, to alerting you of flight delays and cancellations, to tracking rewards points and helping you find a better seat—TripIt takes care of it all in one place.

EFT: Now to TripCase…in just three minutes, what’s your USP?

NS: TripCase gives travellers one place to manage their trips. As a product of Sabre, it’s able to keep its travellers connected to powerful technology and travel companies, delivering the right information at the right time. TripCase provides free flight notifications to travellers when their flight has been delayed, cancelled, or there’s a gate change. Travellers using TripCase will also have access to helpful tools including weather forecasts, seat maps, alternate flights, and the ability to get a ride with Uber directly from within the app.

TripCase – ‘delivering the right information at the right time’

EFT: So like TripIt, yours is another powerful traveller tool but why do you think you should win?

NS: TripCase should win because it leverages technology leaders like Sabre, Uber and Foursquare to deliver the best user experience. TripCase also manages over 30 million trips a year and delivers free flight notifications on smart watches, smartphones and tablets.

Early next week we’ll be sharing tips and trends in the mobile space from some of our other finalists. Time is running out but you can still join us for the EyeforTravel Mobile & Innovation Strategies for Travel (March 23 – 24)

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