May 7, 2014

Whether it’s using mobile to hyper-personalise the experience or email to build closer relationships, Southwest takes a disciplined approach

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  • Strategies to adapt to a changing technological landscape

    Jan 22, 2014

    Steve Kalifowitz, Head of Brand Strategy, Twitter looks at how these giants are currently capitalising on the latest social media & mobile trends and challenge them with obstacles experienced, to align their success with your own strategy

Industry Insight

The Weekly Eye: New Zealand into orbit, BA breaks ground, TripAdvisor and the future

Jan 8, 2014

Happy New Year! Our story picks this week deliver some top tips and trending snippets to propel you into 2014

Top 5: the top stories and tips you may have missed in February

Feb 27, 2015

From women in travel to trouble in the luxury segment and Thomas Cook’s digital turnaround, here are some EyeforTravel’s most read stories from the...

Destination Dallas discovers that personalised trip planning is top of the list

Feb 25, 2015

Six months on from launching a trip-planning tool on its website, the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau is seeing ‘phenomenal’ results

Intelligence Brief

7 need-to-know social moves and mobile trends that you may have missed

Mar 10, 2014

Social media has matured, the success of visual marketing is old news and mobile is the business, so where to now?

3 noteworthy visual marketing trends from a luxury travel brand

Mar 10, 2014

Feeling blue about your social efforts? Should China make you see red? Does colour really impact your marketing efforts? Pamela Whitby finds out

Executive Viewpoint

Marketing inbound vs. outbound travel and how travel brands can establish their footprints in China

Feb 25, 2015

James Tan, Chief Operating Officer of Jetbay, presents on the market size and target opportunity in some of China's most popular cities. We look at the issues with online booking site's currently available and the issues surrounding the standard tours.

It’s the season to celebrate but should we raise a cheer for airline bag fees?

Dec 30, 2014

In a highly commoditised environment where airlines continue to experiment with bag and other ancillary fees, Tom Bacon believes the answer to the...

4 game-changing insights for harassed hoteliers

Jul 21, 2014

With the hotel industry experiencing unprecedented change in distribution patterns, guest columnist Ed Perry says hoteliers need to shift up a gear

Press Release

Travel Consumer Report, United Kingdom, 2012-13

Feb 12, 2014

Unique consumer and market insights to make the right decisions to drive success for your brand

The Weekly Eye: When Dallas did destination marketing, Three views on social

Mar 10, 2014

Feb 26 - Mar 4: One year on for Dallas campaign, Social in 2014, Focus on loyalty and more, Europe’s growth trajectory and more…our pick of the week’...

The Weekly Eye: Price-fixing case thrown out, SoLoMo, silo no!

Feb 26, 2014

February 19 – February 25: No price-fixing conspiracy, SoLoMo and the bottom line, Facebook’s next billion, In search of innovation and more…our pick...