Secret Escapes has launched a new advertising campaign on TV as part of its growth plan and to further establish itself as the UK’s number one private sale site for luxury travel.

The company completed one year of its operations in January.

Secret Escapes says it now has over one million members and its partnership network exposes its deals to a readership of over two million customers. The company added that it routinely sells over 500 room nights per deal. It focusing on negotiating exclusive rates for luxury hand-picked hotels and holidays in the UK and abroad, at up to 70 percent off the price one would pay by booking anywhere else.

The campaign, unveiled last Sunday, is scheduled to feature on all the major channels throughout February.

Regarding its latest TV campaign, the company stated: “It was important to us that we reflected the quality of the types of supply we feature on the site - supply provided by you - a beautifully curated selection of hotels with incredible hand-picked deals, so we have focused on the setting, the actress and the overall feel of the ad.”

The campaign focuses on highlighting the company’s core promises such as discount offered, hand-picked luxury hotels etc.

At any one time, the company offers around 20 `flash sales’ to locations around the world on its site – available only to members.

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