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Top 10 online travel tales from Q1

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Welcome to our new quarterly round up of the most read stories

In 2017, we decided to refocus our content slightly with the view that less is more. On EyeforTravel.com our aim is to bring you insights and interviews from our conferences and speakers, as well as more in depth trends that are driving the industry. Here is a sample of the best performing stories of the past quarter.

1.  7 travel trends for 2017: data science, China, buses and more

The year kicked off with this trends piece, which drew on insights from a number of the travel industry executives who will be sharing their insights at EyeforTravel’s European Summit in May. Among the trends – how data science will prevail, China goes global and new travel hotspots, 21st century hospitality and more.

2.  Trump, travel and Google: search in the spotlight

Put Trump and Google in a headline and you are bound to get a few hits. Jokes aside, this story focuses on the future of search and explores what Google’s monopoly in this space could mean. While few will go on the record about the Google factor, this is a huge issue for the travel industry and one that will be hotly debated at upcoming EyeforTravel events.

3.  Lessons in pricing with precision from United Airlines

In another expert piece from Tom Bacon, we hear about innovations in airline RM and specifically developments in pricing and inventory management. Bacon explores an RM glitch at United and finds that things are not always as they seem.

4.  Google & Facebook move to shorten the distance between discovery and booking

Well surprise, surprise, Google and Facebook are looking at ways to get much closer to the traveller by moving up the trip-planning funnel. Andrew Hennigan takes a look at how Google Bucket Lists could benefit travel brands and how Facebook is exploring City Guides.

5.  Why taking rail online should be on the 2017 fast track

The $300bn rail sector is not to be ignored and this piece by writer and analyst Sally White explores some of the more recent developments playing out including the rise of a likely GDS for rail in the form of SilverRail Technologies and new ways to hold commuters captive.

6.  In bed with Airbnb: travel distribution in the age of disruption

Regular columnist Tom Bacon reflects on discussions at a recent EyeforTravel event and finds that there could be more to be gained than lost by hotels collaborating more closely with providers of ‘alternative accommodation’. The gist of the story being that just because you sometimes stay in a hotel, doesn’t mean you are not in the market for a homestay.

7.  Science + simplicity: the travel industry’s honey pot

In an exclusive interview with Joerg Esser, formerly a senior executive helping to drive digital transformation at Thomas Cook, EyeforTravel hears how science can be applied to improve business practice. Esser, who will be speaking at the European Summit, fundamentally believes that “that there is much to be learnt from science in how to navigate complexity”. Watch this space.

8.  US airline consolidation: what happens next?

Regular EyeforTravel columnist and airline expert Tom Bacon share some insights into how US airline consolidation is reshaping the industry, and has reduced the number of carriers from 18 to 10 over the past decade.

9.  Uber puts principles before persuasion

This story was penned in response to a news story that broke in New York after the US President instituted the controversial travel ban, and questions whether travel brands should or shouldn’t take a political stand. In this piece Uber is feeling the heat for its move to keep travellers moving.

10.  How Trump is helping destination marketers go wild

A viral marketing victory is the Holy Grail for marketing buffs, and it’s tough to get it right. So we just couldn’t resist exploring how the US President’s bid to put America first has inspired a raft of tongue-in-cheek destination marketing campaigns that have gone viral. Interesting insights come from Momondo’s Pia Vemmelund who was one of the brains behind the metasearch’s DNA Journey, a campaign that went viral last year.

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