Bridging the gap between editorial and UGC

Published: 28 Sep 2007

RedDot now makes the integration of interactive applications and Web 2.0 functions possible in all Web-enabled media with new modules for Web 2.0, according to the company.

According to the company, using RedDot to deliver Web 2.0 applications offers organisations the unique ability to keep all relevant content in a single repository thereby extending the overall business knowledge. Both user-generated content and editorial content become part of the organisation's managed information assets, thereby contributing to growth. All content, whether editorial or user-generated, can be accessed through centralised search, enhancing the visitor's experience well beyond the traditional Web paradigm.

"Web 2.0 and social computing have reached the enterprise, moving beyond being a technological trend to becoming an essential component of successful Web strategies for leading organisations," said Daniel Kraft, President of RedDot, the Open Text Web Solutions Group.

"Organisations are increasingly demanding seamless integration of Web 2.0 capabilities in our Web solutions offering as a key to their success. With the new Web 2.0 capabilities from RedDot, our customers can now achieve a closer relationship with their internal and external target audiences, while preserving the valuable information generated by end-users who contribute and collaborate," said Kraft.

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