EyeforTravel supports industry in a show of solidarity to Las Vegas

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Condolences go out all those affected by the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, as EyeforTravel pledges to donate 20% of future tickets sales to its October Summit to the victims and their families

EyeforTravel has taken the decision to stand in solidarity with Las Vegas and the travel industry, and proceed with the EyeforTravel North America Summit, which is scheduled to take place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on October 19-20.

EyeforTravel MD Tim Gunstone says: “The entire team at EyeforTravel extend their heartfelt condolences to the victims, their families, and all those affected by the senseless, incomprehensible tragedy that took place this week.

We as an industry are, however, acutely aware of how these random events can hit, even destroy, travel businesses, like hotels and airlines, and the countless livelihoods that they support.”

As many industry professionals will already know, this week also saw the collapse of Monarch Airlines in Europe, which attributed much of its demise to the rise of global terrorism and the closure of markets that have been affected like Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt.

In the light of the shooting this week and other pressures the industry are facing in the current climate, EyeforTravel has decided to run the event as planned. 

“As a business that stands with the travel industry, and one that has held numerous events over the years in Las Vegas, which we know to be a vibrant and resilient city, we have decided to show our solidarity by proceeding with our October Summit.”

As a business that stands with the travel industry…we have decided to show our solidarity by proceeding with our October Summit

Tim Gunstone, MD, EyeforTravel

EyeforTravel would also like to thank all those speakers, sponsors and delegates who have confirmed their attendance. Among those is Day 1 keynote speaker Paul English, one of Kayak’s co-founders and who is now leading the charge of Lola, a business travel app powered by AI and humans.

Although English believes security will and should be top of mind at hotels in Las Vegas, he strongly supports the show going on. “If this is an important gathering of industry professionals, we do owe it to the industry to show that we can move on and that we can do it safely,” he says.

EyeforTravel understands that people may be reluctant to attend so soon after such a tragedy but, stresses Gunstone, “we are working closely with the Mandalay Bay Hotel to ensure that the safety of all is paramount.”

Participants will be given regular updates about what to expect at the event. 

In addition, EyeforTravel has pledged to donate 20% of all Summit ticket sales since the tragedy took place to the victims and their families. 

For more information about the event click here or email Renu Kannu – renu@eyefortravel.com

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