Learn more about Germany’s unique booking trends with this free report covering digital habits, device usage, lead times, research behaviours and more!

Germany has a unique travel booking landscape among Western economies. Despite being one of the world’s most advanced economies, many consumers still like to book their travel offline and desktops remain overwhelmingly popular, making it the least mobile-oriented of the major travel markets. In order to help you understand their research and booking habits, we have put together a detailed report on the German travel consumer.

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The excerpt includes data on digital habits, device ownership, cross-device movements, research behaviors, lead times, search terms, key research and booking points, social media engagement, and device usage rates both inside and outside the travel journey.

This is the third of three free reports taken from the EyeforTravel German Travel Consumer 2018 report. Click here for our first report on the German economy and travel market in 2018 and here for our report into domestic and international travel by German consumers.

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  • Detailed analysis of Germany’s economy and its ramifications for consumer travel spending.
  • More than 80 charts, figures and tables of data detailing the state of the German travel consumer.
  • Outbound and domestic travel market overviews and outlooks.
  • A breakdown of the German journey to booking, including lead times, key apps and most popular websites.
  • Age and location breakdowns for key online behaviors, destination preferences and spending.
  • Trends in German device ownership and usage.
  • Forecasts and outlooks for technologies, destinations, and market growth.
  • An overview of the state of Germany’s travel industry.
  • Data taken from more than 80 different sources.

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