ICE introduces multilingual digital brochures, hotels to have auto translations for eight languages

Published: 28 Sep 2007

According to the company, apart from being able to customise their content, hoteliers now will be able to promote their property's rich media to worldwide markets in eight different languages.

It will now be significantly easier for hoteliers to showcase their rich content around the globe through the use of mechanisms designed to manage content that is created in multiple languages. The multi-language feature also facilitates the efficient production of localised content, helping to ensure consistency across multiple cultures and multi-language sites.

The language options include Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. The new multi-language feature is expected to provide clients using ICE's Content Management System (CMS) with the ability to instantly market themselves in numerous languages. Similarly, travel websites, tour operators, and other distribution partners will now be able to provide their online visitors with the option to view rich content in the language of their choice.

"Translating our digital brochures helps accommodate diverse cultures and markets, and ultimately it makes it easier for our clients, the hoteliers to clearly showcase their properties around the world," said Henry Woodman, President of ICE Portal. "More than half of our hotels are located outside the United States, so we certainly understand the importance of multi-language support."

According to the company, with new multi-language feature, fixed category fields and the consumer-facing brochure navigation will be automatically translated, while all functionality will remain the same; only the consumer-facing interface will change based on the language selected by the user.

Additionally, ICE will soon include the option of adding real time subtitles to any video in any of the eight languages; making is possible to create videos that can be more readily understood across different countries.

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