isango! partners with Hertz and Zoom Airlines

Published: 08 Nov 2007

The company offers a white label deal, a tailor-made solution, which maximises synergies, customer relevance and consequently revenues for both partners. Its "gold label" deal offers an unprecedented level of design customisation and content options, according to the company.

Ranjan Singh, CEO of isango!, said, "Our 'gold label' offering is attractive not only for its flexibility and customisation, but also for its cross-sell potential and the promotional opportunities for the partner."

Singh added, "Having said this, in all our B2B partnerships our interest is less in setting live numerous white labels and more about working in strategic, mid-long term partnerships with travel suppliers using the 'reasons to travel' product to add value to the consumers experience and up-sell and push further sales of the partner's primary product or service."

Commenting on the tie-up with isango! as a partner for inspirational experiences, Lesley Lindberg, Marketing Director for Hertz in Europe said, "Hertz undertook a rigorous selection process to find suitable partners in a number of travel categories and selected isango! as partner of choice for travel tours and experiences. Their large product coverage and technical and design fit was just what we required in a partner along with their global ambitions and growth strategy. We're looking forward to offering a full, exciting portfolio of travel products to our users and using isango!'s experiences not only as a cross-sell but as a reason to travel in the first place."

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