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Published: 11 Jan 2008

Last Minute Travel is a wholly owned subsidiary of Travel Holdings, Inc.

Bryon Sheffield, Executive Vice President - Global B2C development, Travel Holdings, Inc said in order to effectively deliver dynamic travel packages to an increasingly sophisticated consumer base, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of what will best facilitate the needs of those consumers when they arrive at your site.

"We believe the partnership with Omniture will elevate that understanding at Last Minute Travel and our affiliated brands," said Sheffield.

According to Jupiter Research, 33% of all travel revenue was generated online in 2007, making the Internet the single most important vehicle for transacting business for the travel industry, said Chris Harrington, President - Worldwide Sales and Client Services, Omniture

Harrington added, "By using Omniture, we believe Last Minute Travel will gain greater insights into the offers that resonate with their online audience. With this insight, Last Minute Travel will determine how to increase bookings, build visitor loyalty and better cater to their travelers' needs."

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