Placely offers travelers complete itinerary with destination information

Published: 16 Jan 2008

The TripKit feature aggregates relevant information for the traveler's destination, all in one easy to view page.

Using the TripKit, travelers will be informed of destination specification information, including an interactive map, weather forecast and top restaurant choices, all powered by Google Maps, The Weather Channel, and Yelp.

Additionally, TripKit users have access to networking data allowing them to share travel tips and effortlessly meet up with people in their network while on-the-go for work or leisure. Placely continues to expand the TripKit with additional informative data to enhance a user's travel experience.

"Our latest feature, the TripKit, is designed for travelers who need an all-inclusive package with their travel itinerary and information that will make their travel experience easy. Users also have access to their network of friends and business contacts," said Denis Khoo, CEO and Co-Founder. "What we're seeing today in the travel environment is an opportunity to combine a full travel experience with the social networking aspect of connecting people. Placely continues to develop and take advantage of creating a one stop destination for travelers of today."

Placely is a free service and users can start building and sharing their travel experiences, calendars and networks by visiting

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