Social trip planner launched

Published: 01 Nov 2007

"With Road Tripper 2.0 we are raising the bar by integrating great expert and user generated content with Travel 2.0 technologies so that travelers can easily plan and experience the road trip they always dreamed of -- be it in the US or in Europe," said David Reichman, CEO, TripWiser.

"We have learned that smart users appreciate our open and social approach, they can use our content and functionality via TripMatch on Facebook, via TripWiser or even by using a widget that they can download to their own site or blog. Our mantra is to provide a personalise service wherever our customers need it, and make it easy for them to search, share and organise great road trips," said Reichman.

Travelers can utilise more than 100 road trips created by other travelers and experts or plan a road trip with their friends from scratch, within minutes, according to the company. For this, they can tap into the dynamic community of road trippers and can check out the continuously updated road trip blog ( and find the people and trips that match their travel profile.

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