Travelocity simplifies the road trip planning process

Published: 26 Oct 2007

Travelocity customers can now benefit from a new way to plan every aspect of their road trip all in one place - a task that previously required multiple websites.

This tool is available through an alliance with LeisureLogix, a new travel and navigation services company.

"Road trips are a part of the American culture," said Andres Fabris, Vice President - Business Development, Travelocity. "What our customers were missing was one place to plan their road trips based on what they want to see and do. The RoadTrip Wizard will not only fill this gap, it will also allow them to personalise plans based on what they want to get out of their trip."

A shift away from date and destination-based search, the RoadTrip Wizard's personalised search process generates filtered results based on user personas that vary by trip (romantic trip, trip with kids, girls' getaway trip, etc.) and preferences such as preferred vehicle type (car, RV, motorcycle), hotel ratings and desired drive time. Focusing on the "who," "what," and "how" of road trip planning, the RoadTrip Wizard's process mimics a conversation with a travel agent, allowing the user to explore options and ideas while planning.

"We developed the RoadTrip Wizard to serve a much neglected population of leisure road trip travelers. Before our tool, there was no website merging the capabilities of planning, booking, mapping and routing for road trips with our degree of personalisation," said Michael Hulley, CEO, LeisureLogix. "Eighty-eight percent of leisure travel is done on the road and the online marketplace was overwhelmingly focused on air travel before the RoadTrip Wizard."

The RoadTrip Wizard's intelligent advice engine scours one of the broadest location-based services databases with more than five million points of interest.

Online booking of air, car, hotels and attractions is provided through Travelocity Partner Network. Content is provided and edited by LeisureLogix's research team as well as sources including WCities (events, attractions, city guides), deCarta (mapping platform) and TeleAtlas (geocoded yellow pages information edited for travelers).

Information on beaches and lakes, camping, hiking and climbing, general sightseeing, gambling, theme parks, sporting events, golf and spas along with dining, shopping and relevant events taking place along the route, are part of the differentiating content.

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