USA3000 Airlines fares to be made available on Orbitz and Orbitz for Business

Published: 21 Nov 2007

USA3000 Airlines' flights operate from many East Coast and Midwest cities including Cleveland, Philadelphia, Detroit and Chicago to destinations in Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

"Orbitz customers go where we fly -- and they go there often," said Angus Kinnear, COO, USA3000 Airlines, adding that this distribution partnership will the airline to further expand its reach to travelers in America.

"We benefit by offering our customers more discount airline choices through Orbitz and Orbitz for Business. USA3000 wins by distributing through one of the fastest growing online travel companies in the Americas," said Sam Fulton, Vice President, Transportation, Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. "As more of our customers seek affordable ways to take vacations in destinations like Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico, we're energized by our new partnership with USA3000."

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