All Apps need to have a clear purpose and should not be seen as a ‘nice-to-have’ feature

A new study has highlighted several key features that App developers and companies need to take into account when creating an App, including being easy to use, intuitive and simple to navigate. It is essential that all Apps have a clear purpose and should not be seen by brands as a ‘nice-to-have’ feature.

According to latest App Benchmark study from eDigitalResearch, apps should mirror a company’s website across everything from appearance and branding to functionality, product range and features.

As per the findings, retailer Amazon topped the study, achieving a top score of 90 percent with an App that matches the brand’s established online usability. The study found that Amazon has simply transported and adapted all the functionality and usability of its original website directly into the App, allowing smartphone shoppers to browse and buy in the exactly the same way as they can online.

Apps that failed to reflect their online counterparts were often rated poorly by shoppers, who were sometimes left wondering what the overall function of the App really was.

Derek Eccleston, research director at eDigitalResearch, said, “Our research is showing time and time again that users expect the same brand experience, regardless of what channel they are using. It is important for brands to take this into account when reaching out to an App audience, and need to make sure that they develop an App that is consistent with brand image, mirroring the sort of functionality a shopper would expect to find on a company’s website – whether that’s allowing users to shop for products, book a holiday, check accounts or reserve a table.”

Travel sector

Looking exclusively at the usability of Apps available on the Apple platform, the study found that Search and Find – Travel Apps were the top performing sector overall, with an average satisfaction score of 83 percent. Users found that apps were easy to use and navigate, with most providing booking features within the App, meaning that they didn’t have to visit other sites elsewhere.

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