Can natural language processing help travel brand create intelligent bots that can talk, and sell, directly to consumers?

The rise of mobile has created a huge and constantly engaged user base in social and messenger apps. Whereas the biggest travel apps have millions of downloads, the biggest social media players have billions. Furthermore, the amount of time spent in these kind of apps is rising faster than any other. So, how can you harness this to your advantage? One approach that is already finding success is artificially intelligent bots that can help customers in a myriad of ways. These chatbots can create new booking channels, provide communication with hard-to-reach consumers, help customer care teams and answer a host of queries.

Download this report to see how this new technology is giving brands an edge and find out: 

  • How market conditions are creating an environment ripe for chatbots.

  • How many chatbots are deployed with travel brands currently and what level of functionality they have.

  • How they work, what tasks they can perform, and where their limits are.

  • What the costs associated with a chatbot are and how it can help your brand save money.

  • How chatbots can improve customer service.

  • What effect they are currently having and will have on the travel industry.

The report features use cases of chatbots that have already been deployed and driving value by talking directly to travellers. These brands include:

  • KLM
  • Skyscanner
  • Icelandair
  • Edwardian Hotels

Download the report now. 

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