New e-profile system promises to save agents time when preparing for APIS

Published: 11 Aug 2005

New regulations require that additional information to be disclosed to US Customs for all passengers flying to the US. This information includes the advanced disclosure of passport number, destination address, date of birth, name and gender of all passengers. To assist agents, Dataflexnet has created an input facility enabling agents to enter their current customer data into a reservation system. Galileo has created new ssr fields to accept this data in their Galileo CRS system.

Dataflexnet believes that the system will save agents, corporate bookers and travellers time. The internet-based programme enables customers and agents to simply log-on and add or amend their own profile details directly on the travel agent’s website.

“Dataflexnet’s range of services are designed to improve business travel agents’ productivity and efficiency,” says Steve Holmes, Dataflexnet Sales Director. “Our e-profiling system will save agents valuable time and insure the correct traveller information is being held. Agents should make sure that their client data is input in time for their autumnal peak booking season.”

Amity Travel, part of the Advantage consortia, has already signed up to Dataflexnet’s customer e-profiling system, which will enable their agents to build and update customer profiles via Galileo. Amity is currently taking advantage of the advanced input facility.

“Dataflexnet’s e-profiling programme allows our agents to capture traveller data through an easy to use system that fits with automation that they are already used to,” comments Paul Gardner, Amity Travel Managing Director. “When combined with Galileo’s technology, agents can now view the data with the minimum of fuss.”

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