EyeforTravel’s Digital Strategy Summit

May 2019, London

Europe's biggest event for commercial and digital travel execs

Personalised travel: join the revolution!

EyeforTravel’s upcoming Digital Strategy Summit has a line up of top-notch speakers from companies that are moving and shaking the travel industry

For over 20 years, EyeforTravel has helped companies transform how they sell travel. By connecting people in an exclusive, high-level platform, we facilitate industry-wide conversations between leading decision-makers, challenging their strategies and helping you access the tools that are delivering most growth and profitability.

With C-Level speakers from Best Western Hotels, Expedia, Finnair, NH Hotel Group and Uber, the Digital Strategy Summit (21-22 May, London) is the only conference in Europe offering an end-to-end roadmap for digital transformation based on tried-and-tested strategies from travel’s biggest disruptors.

Check out the exclusive list of speakers you can hear from at the Digital Strategy Summit

Join the Digital Strategy Summit to:

  • Enact cross-company digital reform: discover how to drive innovation across your company and leverage the digital eco-system to boost efficiency and drive profits
  • Drive more profits with partners: calculate the ROI of your distribution partnerships, developing a more pragmatic partnership strategy and making ancillary products available on the company website
  • Cut acquisition costs & innovate: learn how to drive direct bookings and get around burdensome commissions and reshape your budget to allow for more innovation
  • Revitalise your CX with technology: hear from brands using the latest technologies from artificial intelligence to drone cameras to boost the customer experience and build engagement
  • Access untapped revenue streams: discover how to appeal to the Chinese travel market, implement reforms to appeal to millennials and discover the power of the niche travel brand

Access the full agenda for this year’s most revolutionary conference here

I am looking forward to meeting you all in May!

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