15 stand out marketing stats from the world of online travel

Marketing and communications expert Frederic Gonzalo shares some need-to-know numbers from the most recent EyeforTravel event

Copious note taking at industry events can be a useful exercise, but come the end of two to three days it can be tough to summarise the lessons you have learnt. Don’t worry help is at hand from Frederic Gonzalo, a senior marketing and communications expert, who attended the recent EyeforTravel Online Marketing Strategies for Travel 2015 conference in Miami.

Here are some of the stand out statistics from big name brands including TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, Club Med and Visit Britain to name but a few.

#1.  139 - the number of reviews written every minute on TripAdvisor, the most downloaded mobile app (42%) followed by Priceline (15%), Expedia (14%) and Orbitz (13%)

#2.  25-60% - the number of visitors lost with each click in the path to purchase on mobile

#3.  69% - of travelers begin their search online… via a mobile

#4.  150 - the number of times a day the average user checks their mobile device

#5.  6 hours - the average number of hours spent on digital media

#6.  3 hours - the number of those digital media hours spent on a mobile device

#7.  60 million - the number of tweets that mentioned hotels in the past year

#8.  21 million - the number of tweets that mentioned vacations

#9.  70% - of followers have taken some action after seeing travel content on Twitter

#10.  70% - of Instagram users have looked for a brand online

#11.  75% - of consumers are frustrated when online content doesn’t relate to their interest

#12.  50% - of total travel sales will involve more than one device in 2016

#13.  8% - The percentage of conversions from Ritz Carlton email campaigns. No, email is not dead!

#14.  92% - of visitors to a website will never return so remarketing is key!

#15.  27% - of hotels send automated emails prior to arrival (and after departing)

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