AI is advancing at breakneck speed and deep learning is at the vanguard. It is allowing researchers to mine data for insights at a much faster and more accurate pace than ever before. Download the report now to understand the implications for travel and how brands are using it to drive value

The travel and tourism industry is struggling under mountains of data, data that is virtually always imperfect, frequently in different formats, and from a host of sources. How can brands hope to make sense of this confusing and ever-growing universe of information let alone apply it to real-world applications? The answer lies in Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically deep learning.

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Deep learning represents a step-change that is getting more advanced as it gets closer and closer to mimicking our own ability to reason and learn. It will transform our world and is developing at a breakneck pace, powering voice assistants, self-driving cars and medical diagnoses. For travel it can create the insights necessary to create better pricing structures, increase click-through and conversion rates, improve search, and build dynamic product offers, to name but a few applications.   

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  • What brands such as Amadeus, Expedia, Stena Line, and The Travel Corporation are doing to harness deep learning.

  • How neural nets have been developed and how they power deep learning.

  • Where deep learning will transform the industry.

  • How deep learning can save time and reduce costs.

  • What the limits are to deep learning and how regulation might affect it.

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