Search is still king for travel marketing

A massive 60% of Travel industry marketing gurus still rank search as the number 1 way to drive traffic.

Published: 21 Apr 2011

A massive 60% of Travel industry marketing gurus still rank search as the number 1 way to drive traffic.

Globally, organic search is the most influential marketing channel for online travel marketing followed by paid search, then good old email marketing, social media, meta search and lastly mobile marketing.

There are massive fluctuations across the different verticals within travel and across the size of the organisations. For instance 43% of cruise companies rank email marketing as the most influential marketing channel whereas for hotels it is only 13%. In companies with a marketing budget of over US$ 51 Million, 84% see search as the key, whereas only 44% of small travel companies (those with marketing budgets below US$25 thousand) rank search as the most influential channel.

In terms of regional differences, the most influential marketing channels are roughly the same across the world. However when we dig into the figures the marketing executives in each country show a huge variation in preference. German marketers love organic search, the Brits love paid, Italian marketers don’t like email but are the world’s lovers of mobile marketing.

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