New pact announces the "largest upscale flash sale travel platform" in the US

Flash sale shopping site ideeli, headquartered in the Soho neighborhood of New York City, and private online travel sale site Voyage Prive have signed an exclusive partnership

Published: 13 May 2011

Flash sale shopping site ideeli, headquartered in the Soho neighborhood of New York City, and private online travel sale site Voyage Prive have signed an exclusive partnership

According to the two companies, this pact has paved way for the launch of the largest upscale flash sale travel platform in the US with a curated selection of travel offerings that will be available to ideeli’s four million members..

Beginning this summer, ideeli members will have access to an enhanced and co-branded travel channel on ideeli, with over 100 monthly sales curated in partnership with the expert sourcing team at Voyage Prive.

Events will feature coveted hotel, cruise and travel packages to destinations around the world.


The concept of private online travel clubs and its members being offered exclusive hand-picked offers, featuring savings of up to 60-70 percent off hotel rack rates or brochure prices, and the same lasting for few days or as a flash sale is gaining traction in the marketplace.

For consumers, flash sale sites are becoming increasingly popular because they’re an attractive way to access overstocked inventory, or to get introduced to new offerings. Consumers are looking for value and access to the best hotels. Hotels want to reach new customers that want to experience all the hotel has to offer.

Do’s and Don’ts for hotels

Eyefortravel’s Ritesh Gupta recently spoke to SniqueAway and Jetsetter. Here are few do’s and don’ts for any hotel company that it is planning to work with private travel sites and group buying sites -

David Krauter, general manager, SniqueAway:

Hotels should make sure the experience and audience of the private sale or group buying site are in line with their target customer.

In addition, a property should plan their participation in these sites as part of their overall marketing plan, considering how it fits into the advance purchase strategy for peak and shoulder seasons.

Finally, private sale members are looking for an experience, so be sure to include stellar photography that highlights all you have to offer.

At the same time, hotels should not assume private sale sites are for only last-minute and distressed inventory as they provide excellent access to new customers. Don't assume rate is all that matters for these highly desirable customers. Hotels should make sure that their offer is compelling across all fronts, including travel dates, room types, and the entire stay experience.

Heather Leisman, VP Partner Development, Jetsetter:

a. Be choosy: Do your homework before you sign on. The flash sale and group buying space has gotten quite crowded lately, but there is a great range in what each offers. We encourage partners to research the ones they are interested in, pick the one or two that they want to work with and decline the rest.

b. Limit sales per year: The goal of Jetsetter is to drive incremental bookings for our partners by inspiring our members to travel to a place that they had not considered. We recognise that the power of private sales is the element of surprise and in ensuring that a consumer cannot “plan” to book via a private sale. When a partner is featured on a private sale site too frequently, the end effect is that consumers will wait for that sale, thereby cannibalising full price business. We typically recommend a sale on our platform 2-4 times per year, depending on the partner.

c. Discount in members-only environment first: Jetsetter can help hotels protect their price integrity if you discount with us up front. We’ll drive a lot of bookings quickly, behind a firewall, then you wont’ have to discount as much or at all in the public marketplace.


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