The impact of technology in travel 2014

How do travel brands keep up with the rapidly evolving technology landscape? During extensive research prior to our TDS Europe event, we spoke to many senior level executives to understand – what is keeping them up at night?

An undeniable disruptive force in travel at the moment is mobile, but how are such small devices impacting travel companies on a daily basis? With the growth of mobile, travel brands need to align their entire strategy to keep up with the fast paced and tech savvy consumer. The challenge herein is that people are expecting more and more from an even smaller screen.

There are also unlimited opportunities for new business models to blossom, meaning the travel industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Now brands not only have to worry about keeping up with new technologies but they also have to be aware of the new business models and companies which are emerging to cover the lack of innovation from the big travel players.

When we see an increase in competition in the industry caused by a demand on technology, what else arises? Solutions, solutions, solutions… It’s almost guaranteed there will either be a start up with the solution you need or one of the big players have grown their original model to provide a solution for you. But from a supplier perspective, how do you know what’s best for you? And from a solution perspective how do you approach that company?

As the travel industry evolves to become extremely tech complex, there is an ever growing demand for solutions across departments, from mobile and marketing to data and RM.

At TDS Europe we have invited the main industry players to discuss what keeps them up at night and what their biggest challenges are. These brands will discuss the evolving travel landscape from 2014 & beyond. Do you believe you have the right solution for them? Look at our current attendee list and make sure you don’t miss out on the 20+ hours of networking with the travel brands you always wanted to meet. 

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